28.09.09 Completion of the Pamir-2009 scientific expedition

The Pamir-2009 scientific mission is successfully accomplished:

  • the Ak-Arkhar research site is restored including living quarters and manufacturing premises, a shed with experimental setup inside it, a diesel-generator house, a bath-house, electromechanical lifting and transporting equipment, an electric power line and an electricity supply network, an access road;
  • a full inventory auditing of the research site movables and immovables transferring to the Center as initial contributions by Sides in compliance with Article 7 of the Intergovernmental Agreement is carried out;  
  • a 2-storied deep X-ray emulsion chamber with 2.5 m air gap and 36 m2 in area is assembled and put under exposition (the main goal of the launched experiment supported by the Russian Federal Agency of Science and Innovation within state contract №02.518.11.7160 is a study of penetrating hadronic component of cosmic rays at mountain altitudes which may be of the charm particle production origin or due to presence of strange matter particles, i.e., strangelets within cosmic rays; a similar experiment, as concerns to the goal and the type of  experimental setup, is planned in CERN at  LHC with CMS-CASTOR calorimeter); the total number of X-Ray films of RT-6F type under the exposition amounts 625 m2;
  • a conservation of the research site equipment for a winter period and arranging of wintering of a security guard are fulfilled.

2-storied XREC with 2.5 m air gap is under exposition at the Pamirs